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Note - I am currently transferring posts from the original Hobo site on Vox / Typepad and so they will not be in a topic based order for a while until i re-arrange them and update the posts. Bear with me! When done - this notice will disappear.

Welcome to the Hobo Coventry Music Archive Site. Hobo was a Coventry's Music and Arts Magazine and Workshop between 1973 - 75 run by Trev Teasdel. You can read the basic history of the magazine and Hobo Workshop in ABOUT in the above menu. (Note history is yet to be written up at this point in time). Also, on these page, when the site is finished, you'll find PDF's of the magazines as published and some unpublished, along with articles from the magazine with new illustration and info Hobo feature articles from the former Hobo Vox blog. On this blog, when finished, you'll also find information of some of Coventry's other magazines, before and after Hobo, including The Broadgate Gnome (1970), Alternative Sounds (1979) and an Interview with Martin Bowes who ran it. There will be coverage of Cov News and Willenhall Free Press and Estate News (which have some association with Hobo Magazine. We also look at some of the Birmingham Magazines - Brum Beat, Grapvine, Streetpress, Streetpoems, Birmingham Broadside. The other Coventry music magazine - Folks, is features on another of the Hobo sites - Coventry Folkclub Scene (see link above). All this to come and while I'm uploading material from the old site out of sequence, I will rearrange the posts to follow in the following order as soon as I can -

Hobo Magazines
Hobo Workshop (Holyhead Youth Centre and Golden Cross gigs)
Hobo features and articles
Broadgate Gnome
Alternative Sounds
Later Coventry Fanzines - via Alan Rider
Birmingham Streetpress and Streetpoems and Streetpress Gigs
Birmingham Magazines - Brum Beat / Grapevine / Broadside
Cov News
Willenhall Magazines

A New Fleet of  Hobo Coventry Music Sites!
The archiving of the Hobo files began in 2003, by contributing material to the Broadgate Gnome A to Z and by 2007 Hobo had its own very lively site on Vox Blogs. This contained a full range of Coventry music articles incorporating bands, magazines, folk, art etc and before Facebook, was very interactive. Sadly Vox blogs closed and the material was archived on Typepad. So I've taken the opportunity to revise the material and create a series of bloggers for the different aspects of the Coventry music and arts scene as linked below. Hopefully, when its all complete, it will be easier to find - say material relating to the folk scene or the Arts Umbrella club etc - all on one blog.

Here are the links and descriptions for the new sites (also linked in the menu above) -

Hobo - A to Z of Coventry Bands  Early A to Z's of Coventry bands (ten years back) included The Broadgate Gnome (to which Hobo contribute some bands) and Rex Brough A to Z's. Coventry musician Tim James had a more person A to Z on his site. By 2005 Pete Chambers  produced his first book - an A to Z of  Coventry bands called Godiva Rocks, which sold well in Coventry. Since these sites (and book) were created, a lot more information along with audio and youtube have come to light and so the Hobo A to Z is an attempt to bring all or a lot of the material together in one place. The other, pioneering sites are still worth visiting and may eventually be updated. Meanwhile if we've missed your band out or you want to share more info, you Tube / audio photos or flyers etc for your band or material from your own band archive - you can contacts us at

Hobo - Coventry Music Scene Archives - That's this site - part of a suite of Coventry Music Blogspots shown below. This particular blogspot with house the archives of Hobo Magazine and Hobo Workshop (Holyhead Road Youth Centre) and will show much of the development of the Coventry Music before Two Tone. It will house information some of the other important Coventry Music magazines such as The Broadgate Gnome, Alternative Sounds and some of the later ones from the 1980's. There will be a range of Coventry music feature articles and much more. Still in development.

Coventry Arts Umbrella Club  The Umbrella was fundamental to the development of the Coventry Literary, folk and music scene in many ways and deserves a site of it's own. The Umbrella was established 1955 and opened by the Goons. It produced an important Literary Journal which featured an essay by Phillip Larkin. Held lectures by writers like EM Foster. Held the first Coventry Folk club. Was home to Coventry musicians, including some who were later in Two Tone bands.

Coventry Gigs 1960 - present 
Houses Peter Clemon's Rock of Ages columns and over 70 articles he has written on Coventry music for the Coventry Telegraph  from 1960 onwards. The articles range from Coventry music venues to bands and more. Pete Clemon's often uses material on these site alongside his wider research and they are well worth a read. I also add in additional material including youtube.

Coventry Folk Club Scene
This site, which covers the Coventry Folk scene and the more recent Acoustic scene - it's artists and venues, also houses copies of Pete Willow's Folks Magazine from c 1978 and articles from it. A lot of archive material both from the Hobo archives and elsewhere.

Coventry Discos, Studios, Venues, Music Agencies, Music Shops etc
Archive material relating to the above.

Bands who Played the Lanchester Poly (Now Coventry University) Student Union Gigs. The Lanch, both with its legendary Saturday night gigs in the main hall and the annual Lanch Arts festivals, were high cultural experiences with some of the top underground bands, poets, songwriters playing there from the 60's to the 80's and beyond. They spanned almost every musical genre and included Pink Floyd, Caravan, Elton John, Sex Pistols, Oasis, Radiohead, Cream, Ralph McTell, the Liverpool poets and many more. This site is compiling a list with youtube of them.

Coventry Who's Who of Musicians
A comprehensive Who's Who of Coventry Musicians - still a work in progress. More to be added when the A to Z of  Coventry bands and artists has been completed.Meanwhile if you should be on the list of the info is wrong or incomplete and if your friends are not on here and should be - let use know at

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